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LOS lubricants spend New Year's Day with you

Loos Lubricant will accompany you on New Year's Day.

Dongguan Locks Lubricants


  The bell of 2021 is about to ring, and the wheel of time has left a deep mark. With the warm sunshine in winter and full of joy, we have crossed the threshold of 2021.



Looking back on 2020:

There are tears, but more of laughter

Pay, but more gains

There are differences, but more of a concerted effort

[The fierce epidemic failed to bring us down, but made us stronger]

Success comes with hardship

Joy with sweat



Have dreams, so we are acting

Have goals, so we are chasing


• The company’s leaders are farsighted. • The company’s employees are pioneering and innovative

         • The company’s performance is booming • The company’s prospects are more brilliant




Stability of car gasoline

Stability of car gasoline

The ability of gasoline to resist oxidation under certain external conditions. Referred to as stability. Gasoline will oxidize in storage to form colloidal and corrosive oxides.