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Christmas | Locks Industrial Lubricants wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas | Locks Industrial Lubricants wishes you a Merry Christmas!

Dongguan Locks Lubricants


When the streets and alleys are decorated with dots and dots that can be seen everywhere, and when the song "All I Want for Christmas is You" sings, Christmas will come as scheduled.



In this beaming Christmas, Logas will teach you how to choose stretching oil.

What is stretching oil? As the name suggests, the lubricating oil used in the stretching process is called stretching oil.

The stretching mentioned here is the process of stamping sheets (stainless steel, pickled sheets, galvanized sheets, cold-rolled sheets, etc.) into seamless containers with bottoms such as barrels, boxes, or cones.

The purpose of drawing oil used in deep drawing is to form a firm, low-friction lubricating film between the mold and the sheet to prevent direct contact between the two, while reducing the friction and reducing the adverse effects caused by friction as much as possible. Specifically, it is to increase the forming limit, suppress the breakage of the workpiece, reduce the bad effects such as scratches and wrinkles caused by sintering, seizing, and improve product quality. In addition, from the perspective of the mold, the seizure and wear are suppressed, and the life of the mold is prolonged. How to choose a suitable stretching oil for customers? First, we must first understand the general performance requirements of the tensile oil under normal circumstances?

1. Lubricity

This is the most important performance of the drawing oil. The poor lubricity will cause the workpiece to break, the sheet and the metal will sinter, the product will be scratched, the mold will be severely worn, and the mold life will be reduced.

2. Cooling

There are many reasons for the heat generated by stamping. The friction heat between the mold and the material and the heat of plastic deformation of the material are all manifested in the form of processing heat. In this case, the use of water-soluble stamping oil can suppress the heat generated, especially in the fields of high-speed continuous motion processing and high-speed continuous automatic processing, as well as stainless steel drawing processing or high-speed processing of cans, etc., and water soluble with good cooling properties is often used Sex stamping oil.

3. Rust resistance

The processed parts are generally left intact for a long time. In order to prevent them from rusting during placement, the drawing oil is required to have good rust resistance. Because the lubricating oil for press processing has strong adsorption and maintains an oil film that is difficult to break on the metal surface, it generally has an anti-rust effect. However, the size of the effect is different according to the nature of the lubricant and the processing conditions, and also according to the environment where the parts are placed. Therefore, when the environment is harsh and the storage time is long, the oil rust resistance is higher.

4. Degreasing (easy to clean)

When the drawing oil is attached to the drawing member and is cleaned by using a detergent and washing method that can be washed, the washing cost is low, and it can be degreased in a short time, which is also one of the important characteristics. The stamping parts are not cleaned, which will affect the painting and electroplating of the subsequent process.

5. Operation

Before drawing processing, the operation of applying drawing oil to the processed sheet requires time and labor, which is detrimental to production efficiency. Therefore, the ease of this operation has become a property required for drawing oil. Especially for large-size parts, this property is particularly important. From the point of view of operability, low-viscosity drawing oil should be used as much as possible.

6. Environmental protection and pollution-free

It does not produce unpleasant odors and toxic gases during the stretching process, adheres to the human body without damaging the skin, and has a high enough flash point, even if it is not careful, there is no danger of fire.

The above are some of the performance characteristics of the stretching oil. Logas Lubricants can customize different stretching oil formulations according to the specific needs of customers. Before that, it is necessary for us to change your processing material, processing accuracy (stretching range), drawing equipment, water-based or oil-based before used to it? And so on, analyze these factors together, consider the actual processing conditions of the customer, and make a drawing oil that is more suitable for the customer.

Finally, Loos wishes you a Merry Christmas, a happy family, and happiness!


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